No 1

A refreshing evergreen evoking Christmas, with crushed tips releasing oils redolent of grapefruit and citrus. The taste fills out with surprising notes of butterscotch and a breezy woodiness.

No 2

Tiny abundant seeds packed with hints of orange bitters and coriander-like freshness punch well above their weight and are much overlooked, both in gin and in food. We pride ourselves in using this common weed to feature as one of our defining flavours.

No 3

Rich in umami and mouthfeel, this bright seaweed brings deep notes of rock pools and the ocean together with a bright salad freshness.

No 4

Both the flowers and fruit of this beguiling perennial bring an elusive sweetness and perfume to the drink, with a dab of pepperiness.

No 5

Sweet citrus and herb garden combine in this tender leaf – a taste that complements almost any addition that you care to mix in your drink.

No 6

The gorgeous combination of hay, honey and smokiness come from this ancient medicinal, marsh-loving plant with its sprays of cream coloured flowers.